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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] > Subject: Re: paq'batlh text for Bing

d'Armond Speers, Ph.D. (

<div dir="ltr"><br>&gt; ... <span style="font-size:13.1999998092651px;line-height:19.7999992370605px">check them with pojwI&#39; ...</span><div><span style="font-size:13.1999998092651px;line-height:19.7999992370605px"><br></span></div><div><span style="font-size:13.1999998092651px;line-height:19.7999992370605px">Be still my heart!  Nice to hear this is still useful for someone.  :)  qaStaHvIS DIS law&#39; pojwI&#39; vIqelbe&#39;.  </span></div><div><span style="font-size:13.1999998092651px;line-height:19.7999992370605px"><br></span></div><div><span style="font-size:13.1999998092651px;line-height:19.7999992370605px">-- Holtej</span></div><br><div class="gmail_quote">On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 12:39 PM Christoph Pichlmann &lt;<a href="";></a>&gt; wrote:<br><blockquote class="gmail_quote" style="margin:0 0 0 .8ex;border-left:1px #ccc solid;padding-left:1ex">

<div><div dir="ltr">You DO realize that even people who are actively learning klingon might need a help, to look up a word, or confirm that what they cobbled together actually can be understood?<br>If someone wants to hack badly done klingon, there are ample resources for that right now. There have always been. A translator like bing makes it a fair bit easier, sure, but it&#39;s also easier to generate interest.<br>Not everyone thinks its fun to memorize (not learn) vocabulary or create a database of words just to have something to look it up. (It certainly isn&#39;t a learning experience - I don&#39;t have to actually read what I write when I&#39;m just copying.)<br><br>When I&#39;m trying to create a sentence, I constantly look up words at Klingonska, check them with pojwI&#39; and would love to have something that could give a pointer for the klingon word I&#39;m searching for.<br>Most of the time spent is trying to find synonyms that express the idea I have in mind but lack the precise word that exists in klingon.<br><br>I don&#39;t think anyone who actually thinks about it would ever use a machine translation and think they&#39;re done. Even with simple things like german&lt;&gt;english I wouldn&#39;t trust them enough.<br><br>Christoph<br><br></div></div>
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