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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Windows 8 and pIqaD fonts- solution to problem

SuStel (

On 3/11/2015 4:10 PM, qurgh lungqIj wrote:
On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 3:59 PM, SuStel <
<>> wrote:
That worked for me. I can see the pIqaD in the copy of your message that
didn't go through the mailing list.  

When I enter pIqaD into GMail using Chrome, I can see the pIqaD I'm
typing. This works for new messages, including in the Subject line.
However, Chrome does not show pIqaD in the URL bar. It also didn't show
Japanese when I searched for a word earlier, so I think that's a browser
issue more so than a font issue.

If you want to see what you're typing, try going to and typing into the text box. It's setup
to use a pIqaD webfont, so it should display correctly even if you were
to use a system without any pIqaD fonts install. You should then be able
to cut/paste into an email (although the email client still might not
show it). You can also click on "Analyze Text" and it should show the
text as links that will analyze each word. I sometimes use it as a
poor-man's spell-checker.

Yeah, sure, I can find a way to get it all to work, but the point is that it's a kludge. Unless everyone decides to use GMail, which they won't, we have to use hacks to read what anyone is saying. It just plain doesn't work reliably or even frequently in email.

And even if I used Google Chrome in GMail, I couldn't read it on my phone, or in my mail client—I could only read it in Chrome.

And then there's the Windows-only implementation of the IME...

Heh... we need a custom, cross-platform, Klingon-localized mail client!


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