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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Windows 8 and pIqaD fonts- solution to problem

SuStel (

On 3/11/2015 12:46 PM, qurgh lungqIj wrote:
On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 12:37 PM, Lieven <
<>> wrote:

    Am 11.03.2015 um 16:51 schrieb qurgh lungqIj:

                 ____

            <>    :)


    Now THIS is weird - I copied the above text into WinWord, and while
    Qov's letters were converted to standard setting "calibri" showing
    squares, the words from qurgh were converted to "Times New Roman",
    and did show proper pIqaD symbols.

    I guess that qurgh somehow transmitted the font information through
    the email... was it html?

I didn't do anything special. I'm using gmail through chrome. At first
it didn't show Qov's pIqaD (I copy/pasted it into a website that
supports pIqaD to read it), but after I sent the reply all the pIqaD in
messages that have arrived since are displaying it correctly. This
includes the message ghunchu'wI' sent, where it's showing both Qov's and
his pIqaD.


I have found that when pIqaD is sent in plain text with quoted-printable encoding, Thunderbird can't figure out the pIqaD; when it's sent as base64, it can.

Thunderbird sends UTF-8 encoding by default with 8-bit transfer encoding—that is, no encoding at all. You can change Thunderbird to send with quoted-printable encoding by open the Config Editor and changing mail.strictly_mime to true, but you still won't be able to read the pIqaD at the other end. Quoted-printable is meant for text that is mostly ASCII, with a bit of higher Unicode in it.

I haven't found any good way to get Thunderbird to send in base64—which encodes all of the text, and which seems to be the only transfer that lets it read pIqaD as a receiver. There are no maintained extensions that would let you do this.

See <> for an easy to understand RFC on Content-Transfer-Encoding.

To get Thunderbird to read base64 encoded pIqaD, go into Options, Display tab, and set the default font to pIqaD, which is the font you should have already installed. It may not appear in the list in alphabetical order; check the bottom of the list. You may also need to go to Advanced and change Western to Unicode first.

And nothing I do lets me see pIqaD in the subject line.

And all that is just the situation with Thunderbird. I got Outlook 2013 to send in base64, but it can't read pIqaD at all, composing or receiving. I could read pIqaD in Thunderbird from a message sent from Outlook, but I could not read pIqaD in Outlook from a message sent from that very same Outlook. I also couldn't read pIqaD from a base64-encoded message saved to a file. My GoDaddy-hosted webmail client also could not read or send pIqaD in any way. And qurgh could apparently read Qov's quoted-printable encoded pIqaD in Google Mail, which nothing else I've tried can do.

TL;DR: Support for private-area Unicode in email is far too unsupported to consider sending pIqaD messages over the mailing list.


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