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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: pegh

Anthony Appleyard ( [KLI Member]

Ditto. We need a publicly-accessible source of ALL information about Klingon, all together in one place. With any major Earth language that would be done. Currently, some of it is in this book, some is in that book, some is revealed here and there at qepmey, bits all over the place.

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I wish that Okrand and a publisher would provide The Compleat Klingon Dictionary, perhaps electronically so that we could have updates. Annotations. Examples of useage. Explicit commitment in the definition to allow or exclude direct objects.
It would place more of a burden on the author of the book than any centralized entity has taken on so far, but the truth is, this burden must be born somewhere, and in this case spreading the burden among more shoulders doesn’t make the burden born by each shoulder any lighter.

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