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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] [Phonetics] -ew', -Iw', -Iy'

SuStel (

On 2/13/2015 11:20 AM, wrote:
Thanks. You are right. In fact, {y} doesn't sound like {I}. The latter
is like the American short "i", as in "hit" while the former is like the
second half of the sound Americans make when pronouncing the letter "e",
a sound that doesn't exist as a vowel in Klingon. I just wasn't thinking.

This is why {Iy} sounds like the impure (normal) American "E" and {ey}
sounds like the impure (normal) American "A".

"Impure" is not the word you want. These are diphthongs. Actually, the General American long /a/ is a diphthong [eɪ], while long /e/ [i] is a monophthong. However, I know that you have a bit of Southern American influence in your speech, which may explain why you hear a diphthong in long /e/. You might pronounce it [ei] or even [əi].

Klingon {I} has two listed pronunciations in TKD: [I], which is common, and [i], which is rare.

Klingon {w} and {y} are semivowels, which is why you can get funky rules with them (adding {'} after them). At the end of a Klingon syllable, the difference between consonant {y} [j] and vowel {y} [i] is minimal, if it exists at all.


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