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[Tlhingan-hol] latlh De'wI' qon vIchenmoH: *Holghoj*. mu'tay' ghojmoHwI'.

Christoph Pichlmann ( [KLI Member]

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<body class='hmmessage'><div dir='ltr'>mIllogh 'oS mu'mey qoj wab 'oS mu'mey, qoj mu'mey ghItlh. net lo'beH Holghoj.<br>pab mu'mey ngu' Holghoj, vaj ngoQ mu' rur mu'mey cha'laH Holghoj.<br><br>Duyu'. yIlaD qoj yIlegh qoj yIQoy'. vaj yIwIv.<br><br>bIlughchugh, chaq pop DaSuq.<br><br>Holghoj yInID!<br>mu'tay' qonmey yIchenmoH!<br><br>tlhIngan Hol mu'taywIj vInatlhqa'pu'.<br>DaH, DIvI' Hol vIlo'. <br><br><br>I wanted to write more in klingon, but as usual my poor grasp of the language is failing me...<br>What I would have liked to say:<br><br>I wrote another program, *Holghoj* (NOT a canon word of course). It's a vocabulary trainer.<br>Holghoj can use text, pictures, audio or video as "questions" and "answers", so you could for example have a video <br>acoompanyed by "What's the subject?" and the answer is a picture (with 3 fake answers shown).<br>Also, Holghoj can "know" the grammatical type of a word, so it'll show you similar words as fake answers. (i.e. no <br>question for a noun with 3 prefixes as potential answers).<br>If you have enough correct answers, you may get a reward (as defined in the vocabulary file, can be text, audio, <br>picture or video again).<br><br>Try it.<br>Also, create some vocabulary files for it.<br><br>Here's the link:<br><br>tay reyutqa' lupeQ<br><br>P.S:<br>jIbuDmo', mu'tay' vIghojbe', 'ach mu'tay ghojmoHwI' jIghun 'ej vIlo'. Holghoj mu'tay qon bochenmoH vItul.<br><br>P.P.S:<br>Any questions? Write me. I know the program and especially the creator program isn't too intuitive.<br> 		 	   		  </div></body>
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