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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] suffices on verb-adjectives

SuStel ([email protected])

On 9/1/2014 8:27 PM, Brad Wilson wrote:
TKD is quite prescriptive in the use of suffices on verbal adjectives
(TKD 4.4):
vsR {-qu'} can be added as an intensifier - {Dujmey tInqu'} (very big ships)
ns5 {-Daq} is added to the verbal adjective when it is called for on the
noun - {veng tInqu'Daq} (in the very big city)
Have we received any additional information about such suffices?
I'm thinking specifically of {-be'} which would seem to be a very
logical usage where a verb-adjective with an opposite-meaningdoes not
exist - {wep Doqbe'} (the not-red jacket). Or do we stick with the more
traditional {Doqbe'bogh wep} ?
Three of the four rovers have been sighted on adjectival verbs. Examples:

   Dujmey tInqu'
   very big ships (TKD)

   wa'maH yIHmey lI'be'
   ten useless tribbles (CK)

   Duj ngaDHa'
   unstable vessel (literal)
   person who is wildly irresponsible, out of control, undisciplined
   (slang) (KGT)


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