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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] do {vIttlhegh} become {ngo'} or {qan}?

Seruq (

> So KGT rules out {ngo'} applied to people.

Does it rule it out?  When talking about people, typically one is discussing age.
A new chancellor is not necessarily young.  He could be 100 years old, but became chancellor just
yesterday.  Likewise, if he has been chancellor for a while, he is not new, and the opposite is
One's service as chancellor can be new or old (ngo').
A couple's friendship can be new or old (ngo').
The age of the people involved would use young or old (qan).

Reminds me of whether one uses "capable of language" when someone is dead.  It depends on what
aspect of the person you are discussing.

- DloraH

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