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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: Hej

Felix Malmenbeck (

If this were a fairly new word, I'd take this to be a pun on "hedge fund manager", but since it's from TKD ... did they have a bad reputation back then, too?

Could potentially be a bit of a joke on {HIj}?

"I thought you said you were a {HIjwI' malja'}!"
"Aah, no; we're a {HejwI' malja'}. Big difference!"

>  nurraj nIHlu'ta'mo' manoD
>  We will avenge your stolen pride PB (early draft?)

It's not in paq'batlh; it instead uses the version you cited.

It also has this:

paq'batlh, paq'yav, Canto 4, Stanza 10:

chay’ ‘etlh DoQ nuch
QongtaHbogh qup ‘etlh nIH
vaj nIHpu’ vaj nIHpu’ vaj nIHpu’

How does a coward claim a sword?
By taking it from his sleeping father.
So he did, so he did, so he did.
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