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[Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 54

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

jul told Torg that maQ donated blood for him.
paw maQ. SIbI' jatlh, "yIja'!"  
jatlh torgh, "SeHlaw vIghunchu'ta' 'ach jIHvaD 'Iq romuluSnganpu' 'ej
HoSghaj nuHmeychaj. jutoDbe'chugh jIHeghbej."
monHa' maQ. jatlh, "tengchaH DajormoH'a'?"
jatlh torgh, "vIjormoH 'e' vInID."  mIwmeyDaj, meqDaj je QIjchoH. SengmeyDaj
chIDtaHvIS paw 'eng. torghvaD  'uQ qempu'. DunHa'qa' Soj 'ach 'eng vuvmeH
Sopqang. Do', Soj Sub Sop torgh 'e' tuch jul.
cha' loDpu'vaD jatlh torgh, "tutoDpu'mo' 'ej DaH 'aDDu'wIjDaq 'Iwraj
tu'lu'mo' tuquvqu'moHneS. DIbvam vIbajmeH tlhIHvaD  Satoy'chu'." jangbe'
maQ. Saghqu' qabDaj. torgh chovlI' 'e' Sov torgh.

paw maQ. = "maQ arrives."

SIbI' jatlh, "yIja'!" = He immediately says "Report."

jatlh torgh, "SeHlaw vIghunchu'ta' 'ach jIHvaD 'Iq romuluSnganpu' 'ej
HoSghaj nuHmeychaj. jutoDbe'chugh jIHeghbej." = Torgh says, "I programmed
the control panel completely but there were too many Romulans for me, [or
"to me, the Romulans were too much"] and their weapons were powerful. If you
don't save me I'm dead for sure." Again I'm using the present conditional
because I want to say "Had you not saved me I would be dead for sure." I'm
not sure a separate such structure is necessary in a language. Is there any
other way to interpret Torg's statement? I guess I he could think he was
still on the space station, asking to be rescued. Hmm, did I make it clear
enough he HAD been rescued up to now? Perhaps I should have Torg realize
that he is on board the ship and no longer on board the space station, just
before he passes out, two episodes ago.

monHa' maQ. -- mon = smile; monHa'=grimace? frown? be unsmiling? Something
like that. "maQ scowls."

jatlh, "tengchaH DajormoH'a'?" = "He said, "Did you blow up the space

jatlh torgh, "vIjormoH 'e' vInID."  = "Torg says, "I tried to blow it up."

mIwmeyDaj, meqDaj je QIjchoH.  = "He starts to explain his methods and

SengmeyDaj chIDtaHvIS paw 'eng. = "While he is admitting his difficulties,
Cloud arrives."

torghvaD  'uQ qempu'. = "He has brought dinner for Torg."

DunHa'qa' Soj 'ach 'eng vuvmeH Sopqang. = "The food is awful again, but he
is willing to eat it in order to respect Cloud."

Do', Soj Sub Sop torgh 'e' tuch jul. = "Fortunately, Sun forbids Torg to eat
solid food."

cha' loDpu'vaD jatlh torgh, "tutoDpu'mo' 'ej DaH 'aDDu'wIjDaq 'Iwraj
tu'lu'mo' tuquvqu'moHneS. = Torg said to the two men, "Because you rescued
me and because your blood is now in my veins, you do me great honour."

DIbvam vIbajmeH tlhIHvaD  Satoy'chu'." = "I will serve you absolutely in
order to deserve this privilege."

 jangbe' maQ. = "maQ does not answer."

Saghqu' qabDaj. = "His face is very serious."

torgh chovlI' 'e' Sov torgh. = I felt I had to repeat torgh to ensure all
the correct things were understood. Maybe it wasn't necessary. "Torg knows
he is assessing him."

I was writing this and at odds with the fact that the dude has just has his
guts cut up and is eating, but I needed to re-introduce the awful food. Then
I realized that's the doctor's job. Also see the way he thanks the warriors
for rescuing him, but not the doctor? I think healthcare is just too
embarrassing to mention if you're a Klingon. For a Klingon, any health
problem, like having your guts shot out, is the embarrassment equivalent of
erectile dysfunction for a human male.  Maybe the other warriors know he
really oughtn't be eating until his guts have time to heal, but don't want
to act like there's anything wrong.

- Qov

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