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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Use of {net}

Rohan Fenwick ( [KLI Member]

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<body class='hmmessage'><div dir='ltr'>{net} qel Alex, jatlh:<br>&gt; Tell me how you have used it, or why you have avoided it.<br><br>Others have dealt with your own examples. I can give a few examples from my {mIl'oD veDDIr SuvwI'} (English versions are from the original translation):<br><br>pImchu' bang parmaqqay je, 'ej rurchuq net maqlaHbe'<br>"true love is something apart from lust, and cannot be likened thereto" (9.2)<br><br>Del net nIDDI', Doy'choH jat, QopchoH QoywI' teSDu'<br>"[when one tries to describe it,] the tongue will tire, the ears of the listeners will become wearied" (28.2)<br><br>SuHaghbe'choH 'ej SuSaQchoH net qotlh<br>"mourning and not laughter will be seemly to you" (168.4)<br><br>I don't avoid it, in short. I do avoid {'e' X-lu'} like the plague except in poetry, where it allows for alternative rhyming and metrical options.<br><br>QeS<br> 		 	   		  </div></body>
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