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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: tlhegh

Steven Boozer (

> Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, October 02, 2013
> Klingon word: tlhegh
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: line, rope

AFAIK there are no examples of the simple noun in a sentence.

HQ 5.1:  The usual term for proverb is {vIttlhegh}, literally "truth rope" and formed, no doubt, by analogy with {mu'tlhegh} "sentence" or, literally, "word rope".

Okrand wrote to Qov (8/2012):

  The word for bridge (as in over a river) is {QI} 
  ... that would apply to the kind of rope bridge
  you described (as well as more substantial bridges).

Related vocabulary:

SIrgh 		string, thread, filament (n)
mIr 			chain (n)

mu'tlhegh 		sentence (n)
vIttlhegh 		proverb (n)

nugh tlhegh  	"society rope" (??) KCD

This last is an odd one, possibly meaning socially acceptable (upper-class?) behavior.  (Compare "party line".)  OTOH this may refer to the six painstik-wielding warriors who form the gauntlet (or "River of Pain") for a young Klingon during his {nentay}.  The expression appears in the KCD novelization as:

  "Pok has yet to complete the Second Rite of Ascension.
  In the eyes of the {nugh tlhegh} he is still a boy." 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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