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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Eurotalk "pencil"

Adm qe'San ( [KLI Member]

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Lieven []
> Talk Now says {ghojmeH ghItlhwI'}, just like the {ghojmeH taj}.
> Am 29.11.2013 05:03, schrieb zrajm:
> > Should it be {ghojmoH ghItlhwI'} or {ghojmeH ghItlhwI'}? ({-moH} or
> > {-meH}?)
> >
> > I assume the latter, since that nicely fits with {ghojmeH taj} but
> I'd
> > like to have this verified by someone who owns a copy of Eurotalk.

When I was looking to translate  pencil for Eurotalk thought about the fact
that a pencil is often used when you might want to rub out so thought a
Klingon would see a pencil in the same way as they see a ghojmeH taj. Marc

Another similar canon example use of -meH that I can think of is, DevmeH paQ
- "Guide (book)"

tlhIngan  tIgh; SuvwI'  DevmeH paQ
The Klingon way - a warrior's guide
[tkw p.iii]


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