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[Tlhingan-hol] Eurotalk "pencil"

zrajm (

<div dir="ltr"><div style>While adding stuff to <a href="";></a> I notice that different people have transcribed &quot;pencil&quot; in different ways.<br><br>Should it be {ghojmoH ghItlhwI&#39;} or {ghojmeH ghItlhwI&#39;}? ({-moH} or {-meH}?)<br>

<br>I assume the latter, since that nicely fits with {ghojmeH taj} but I&#39;d like to have this verified by someone who owns a copy of Eurotalk.<br><br>Also, have anyone made a full transcript of all the sentences from Eurotalk? (Not just the words and phrases that were sent to the list, back in November 2011.) I&#39;d love to add such a transcript to the archive.<br>

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