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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Greetings from Maltz

David Holt (

> From:
> I haven't worked with Spanish for too long to remember. Is Hay used for both
> singular and plural and if so is there a technically more correct way to say
> it?

"Hay" is used for both plural and singular, but is a special conjugation. It is not a normal conjugation of the verb "haber" and for other uses of that verb it is normally conjugated as "ha" in the third person singular present and "han" in the third person plural present.  However, when using other tenses, the regular third person singular of that conjugation is used for both the singular and the plural ("Habrá problemas." "There will be problems.")  There is no more formal or correct way to say it, though in some areas the plural form ("Habrán problemas.") is also considered acceptable.

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