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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] the birth of a new word: qorgh

Steven Boozer (

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 Lieven <> wrote:
>> MO: ... {qorgh} is "to stop up, to fill a hole". You can stop
>> up a hole, but not fill it in with dirt. That would be {teb}.
>> {qorgh} is to stop up an opening somehow. It's like filling
>> in, and not put stuff inside. So the word for the cork is a
>> {qorghwI'.}

More hole {Hol} <g> ... 

Okrand wrote to 'ISqu' (1/02/2012):

  "hole" (like a hole in the ground) is {QemjIq}. This can also
  be used for the hollow in a tree. {qung}, the word for hole in
  a musical instrument, can't be used for a hole in the ground,
  but it could be used for a bullet hole or a hole in a shirt
  (including buttonholes, moth holes, accidental rips, etc.) or
  a hole in the roof. You can fill ({teb}) a {QemjIq}, but not
  a {qung}. 

To describe briefly blocking or covering {qungmey} when playing the instrument you can use the "finger verbs".  E.g.

  qung wejDIch qew 
  cover the third hole (in a musical instrument) with the
   (tip of the) ring finger (HQ 10.2:7)

  qung wejDIch HengmeH qewwI' lo'
  (in order) to finger the third hole, he/she uses the
   ring finger (HQ 10.2:7)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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