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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 24

De'vID (

On 13 Sep 2013 05:00, "Robyn Stewart" <> wrote:
> naDev ngeD law' tojbogh pa'Daq ngeD puS.
> This is a use of the law'/puS comparative not attested in canon. I'd be
> interested to know if anyone objects to it. You'll remember that the formula
> to say that A is more Q than B is <A Q law' B Q puS>, where A nd B are nouns
> or noun phrases and Q is a be-verb, a quality. Here A and B are nouns, but
> in a locative sense.

I partly want to say that {A Q law' B Q puS} only really makes as much
sense to me as {Q A} and {Q B}, and {ngeD naDev} and {ngeD tojbogh
pa'Daq} both feel like something is missing. It's not {naDev} that's
easy, it's {naDev Qu'} or {naDev mIw} or something like that.

OTOH if {QamvIS Hegh} and {torvIS yIn} are okay to use in place of A
and B, then it seems the grammar of the {law'/puS} construction isn't
that strict.

I had no trouble at all understanding exactly what you meant.


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