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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] {yIghoSDo'}?

Felix Malmenbeck (

I'm fairly certain it originated on the page Omniglot:

I actually sent them a bunch of corrections way back, and they updated their site accordingly ... including, unfortunately, the sentence {nItebHa' mamI' DaneH?}, which I erringly suggested.
Not sure if yIghoSDo' wasn't on that page then or if I just missed it (or perhaps thought it was no' Hol, like Delaq Do').

So, if we compile a list of errors, I'm sure we can get them to change it. The most glaring ones I see are:

*yIghoSDo'* = "Good luck!"
[nItebHa'] mamI' DaneH? = "Shall we dance?"
naDevvo' yIghoS! can be expanded with a plural form.
Qapla' = "Goodbye" (which, even though they clarify that it really means "Success!", is quite misleading)
... vo' vIpawtaH = "I'm from ..." is weird; {mungwIj 'oH ...'e'} or {...Daq jIbogh} would be good parallels to the questions posed.

...and then there's QaQ yIQong, which is actually a misunderstanding of something I wrote:

> Good night - QoQ yIQong menas "Sleep, music!" You probably wanted QaQ yIQong,
> but this would mean "Something is good. Sleep!"
> Recommend maj ram ("Good, it is night!") or yInajchu' ("Dream perfectly"; penajchu'
> if addressing more than one person).

From: De'vID []
Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2013 10:06
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Subject: [Tlhingan-hol] {yIghoSDo'}?

I've encountered this expression a few times, and now it appears on
the back cover of "How to Speak Klingon".

Where is it from? Is it from an episode? It's all over the place
online, but I'm wondering about the original source.

Or is it something made up by a random person, which then got
propagated throughout the Internet until it got into print? I thought
the Klingon in the book was vetted by the KLI, did it get the
go-ahead, did it sneak through, or did the authors add it to the back
cover without consulting a Klingonist?


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