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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] new Klingon [SPOILER]

De'vID (

> Only for those interested.
> This message contains SPOILERS about Star Trek Into Darkness.
> Don't continue reading if you don't want to know it.
> Here are some facts, not rumors:
> - Actress Zoe Saldana (i.e. Uhura) has confirmed during a press conference
> that she has been learning Klingon with its creator [most probably Okrand]
> - I myself have had really close contact to the german translation company
> and needed to keep secret for months that there is Klingon spoken. [that
> really was a hard time ;-)]
> - One Klingon visible in a preview has a ridgy forehead, but no long hair
> and no beard.

WARNING: possible spoilers

I saw the movie last night, and have a partial transcript taken in the
theatre of most of the Klingon dialogue, but I will wait 30 days from
the general US release to discuss the actual words.

However, I have some META-information about the Klingon dialogue in
the movie, namely, information about the extent of MO's involvement in
the project, and who else was involved.

So, WARNING again: If you do not want to know anything at all about
the Klingon spoken in the movie and how it came about, you shouldn't
be reading this thread.

With that said, if you've watched the promo interviews with Zoe
Saldana, you'd have known that she was coached by "a linguist from San
Francisco". And if you've waited until the closing credits of the
movie, you will see that the language consultant listed was not Marc
Okrand. It is, however, a linguist based in San Francisco. I contacted
him, and he confirmed to me that he was involved in the project, but
noted that he can't say very much as he is under agreement, and also
he hasn't seen the finished movie and so doesn't actually know what
the final result is. He was, however, able to confirm the following:
- he was the one who coached Zoe Saldana and the other Klingon speakers
- Marc Okrand created every word of the scripted dialogue, but it is
possible that the dialogue was altered in filming or postproduction
- if the tlhIngan Hol dialogue is released, it will be through Marc Okrand

So for those of you wondering about the extent of Marc Okrand's
involvement in this movie, there you go.



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