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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] new Klingon [no spoilers]

Rohan Fenwick ( [KLI Member]

ghItlhpu' Quvar, jatlh:
> And I doubt I'll wait thirty days - let's just add a note to the subject
> line for those who do NOT want to see it.

SoHvaD jIHvaD je 9 May qaSmo' Hov leng muchvam cha'pu'ghach wa'DIch, maDo'qu'. qo' poHmey pIm luqellu'chugh, much luleghchoHDI' SepjIjQa' nganpu', ghaytan HutHu' vIleghta'qu' jIH. MKE paq'batlh je luHevlu'pu'DI', qaStaHvIS wejmaH jaj tam'eghrupqu'moHchu' HevwI'pu' wa'DIch 'ej ruchta'. wejmaH jaj poH tam cherlu'chu'pu', qar'a'? De' chu'vaD poHvetlh tam lupabta' Hoch. vaj wIpab je maH net qotlh 'e' vIHar. may ghu'vetlh neH 'e' vIHar jIH.

You and I are both lucky enough to be in countries where the official release is the 9th of May. Adding timezone differences, I'll most likely be seeing it nearly nine full days before anyone in the US. When MKE and paq'batlh were released, those who got them earliest were good enough to keep to the 30-day moratorium (which I thought had been more or less settled on by now), so for my part I think that reciprocating is the honourable thing to do. Just my two cents.

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