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[Tlhingan-hol] Mifflin waw' - Fort Mifflin = Possible qep'a' event

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

qep'a' vIghoSmeH Sep novvo' jIleng 'ej jIpawDI' nov tIgh, nov qun, veng Daj
vIlegh vIneH. DISvam Philadelphia maHtaH 'ej 'amerI'qa' SepjIjQa' qunvaD
potlh vengvetlh. mebpa'meymajDaq Sum waw' ngo'. (Soch qelI'qam 'aD He).
wISuch 'e' vIchup 'a qep'a' qaghbe' wan'vam. qep'a' SachmoH. qun wIHaDmeH
tlhIngan Hol wIlo'. ghaytan 'amerI'qa'ngan SoH 'a qunvetlhmo' bIpuQchugh,
tlhIngan vuDmey tIqel?  qaStaHvIS lotlhchu'meH noH, waw' lon Hubbogh negh
'ach batlh Suv 'e' maq jagh. tlhIngan Hol, tlhIngan ghob je DIqelmeH 'eb
bojon boneH'a'? qechvetlhmo' loQ morgh 'anghal 'ach jatlh, jeS luneHchugh
qep'a' ghoSwI'pu' vaj vIlaj. wIghoSchugh tlhIHvaD qun vIQul 'ej vImuch,
tlhIngan Hol vIlo'taHvIS.  jaj wa'maH chorgh wIghoSchugh qaS wanI'. tera'
<qo' noH cha'> negh luDa SapwI'pu'. ghomvetlhvaD tlhInganpu' luchellu'pu'
tu''a' vay'?

latlh De': wa'maHvatlh rep poS. wa'maH loSvatlh rep SoQ. qa'vap chorgh
'amerI'qa' DeQ. puHDuj verghmeH DIlnISlu'be'.
I travel from a foreign country to qep'a' and when I arrive I like to see
foreign customs, foreign history and an interesting city. This year we will
be in Philadelphia and that city is important in the history of the United
States. An old base is close to our hotel. (It's fourteen kilometres/nine
miles away). I recommend we visit it, but this event doesn't interrupt the
qep'a', it expands it. We will use Klingon to study the history. Probably
you are American, but if you are fed up with that history, think about
Klingon opinions. During the Revolutionary War, the defending soldiers
abandoned the base, but the enemy proclaimed that they fought with honour.
Do you want to capture the opportunity to consider Klingon language and
ethics? Lawrence is somwhat opposed to this idea, but he says if qep'a'
attendees want to participate he will accept it. If we go, I will research
the history for you and present it in Klingon. If we go on the 28th there is
an event. Volunteers will act like soldiers of the Earth World War II. Will
anyone notice the addition of Klingons to this group?  

Other info: It's open 10 am to 4 pm. It costs $8 US. There's free parking.

- Qov

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