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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Klingons Choose ARKYD"

Felix Malmenbeck (

Translation and voice-over is mostly mine, with some assistance from qurgh. So, give or take the odd brain freeze, the Hol should be serviceable; will send a full transcript next time I'm at a computer.

Several sentences were originally meant to be longer, but while recording I noticed I couldn't speak fast enough. A lot of phonemes also took quite a beating in the process, particularly the valiant glottal stops.

They also redid some of my subtitles (which I think was a good call, because they were hard to read; Live Movie Maker doesn't let you give subs contoirs or backfround color), so even if the original was flawless (which I hope but can't be certain), some mistakes have made their way in there. For example, in the subtitles I wrote «potlhbe' Sov Qapla' neH.», which somehow became «potlhbe' ARKYD Sov qaD Qapla' neH.».
(and, in retrospect, DuSaQ qaD would have been preferable)

Anyhow, a very fun project; nice to have contact with acompany like Planetary Resources :)


From: Michael Roney, Jr. PKT []
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 11:04
To: tlhIngan Hol mailing list
Subject: Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Klingons Choose ARKYD"

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 3:28 AM, De'vID <> wrote:
> Maybe someone who can read {pIqaD} can tell right
> away from the subtitles whether the sentences are grammatical.

I did up until the 2:42 mark.

There are a couple of question marks where I wasn't able to make out
the pIqaD due to a lack of contrast between the video and the text.

Here's what I have:

Chris Lewicki juH. Planetary
Resources DevwI''a'
jonpIn je jIH.

ghopDap DItlhIl'e'
wInab 'ej latlhqech
Dun wI'oghta' je.

loghnaw'laH Hoch 'e' DunmeH

ngeHmej qo'maj je qojmeH 'ej
SIghmeH mIwmeymaj choHqu'laH je

yIlegh. loghHop nuDmeH
SIbDoHwa'DIch'e' luDIlbogh
nuvpu' law'qu' 'oH 'ej DaSeHlaH

qaStaHvIS 13 DIS, Hoch *Mars* ghor
nejwI''e' ngeHta'bogh SepjIjQa' chenmoHta'
jonwI' ghommej.

loghDaq Doch

yuQ nov ghor
nejwI''e' vISeHta'.
Dunqu' Qu'vam 'ej

Qu'vam luSIQlaH nuvpu' law'qu'
vIneH 'ej luSIQ 'e' DuHmoH *ARKYD*.

nItebHa' Qoblaw'bogh
ghopDapmey DItu'laH

'ej qIbmey Hop DInuDlaH

'ej Hovtay'maj wInuDlaH.

loghDaq Du'oSbogh mIllogh

DuleghlaH'u' Hoch
ngan DaneHchugh.

ghopDapmey ngu'meH 'ej
tlhIlmeH Qu'maj wIQapmeH

SIbDoHvam Hoch 'ay'
wImachmeH ta' 'ej wIDubta'.

vaj Qu'vamvaD nIv.

loQ tIn *ARKYD* 'otlh boSwI''a'.

vIHlaH jul 'echletHeyDaj.

HablI' le'qu' ghaj.

jIH ghaj.

bavtaHvIS *ARKYD*, Sermaj
'agh mIllogh qonwI' mach.

reH DuHmey je
luqelqu' Humanpu'
. ghu'vam 'oSchu'
*ARKYD* 100 'e'

qolqoSmaj 'oH, Dochmey Dun
wanI'mey Dun je DItu'nISqu'.

*ARKYD* 100 jInmol yIboQ.

14 'amerI'qa'

?e?a' je cha'bogh
mIllogh'e' wIqon 'ej
S?HvaD wIngeH.

yIlegh. ghu'vam DaDIlmeH
yap 14 DeQmey.

Qu'maj Dun qolqoS
lu'aghchu' ta'meyvam.

logh tera' ghor je rar jInmolvam
jInmolvam. yabcheymaj Hapmaj je SIgh

ghor nganpu' maH 'ach nItebHa'
loghDaq vay' wIchavlaH.

weQmoQnaQvaD QumwI'vaD
QumwI'vaD je pat wIghun.

vaj mIlloghmey DalablaH 'ej

'ej SIbDoH
Ser bopbogh
De' chu''e'

'ej tlheDmey tlhaq

QeD Datoy'meH SIbDoH

QeDvaD DuSaQvaD yabmeyvaD
je laww'qu' 'ebmey.

QeDvaD DuSaQvaD
yabmeyvaD je law'qu' 'ebmey.

vaj roghvaHvaD ghu'meH
wIDuHmoH wIneH.

nIv QubvaD
*Mars* 'oSbogh
DaqonmeH DaH
Dalo' DanIH'a'

vay''e' tu'pu'bogh pagh
Datu' 'e' DanID DaneH'a'.

vaj vay' vIpIlmoHlaH. DajchoH
vay''e' ta'laHbogh ghaH,

Dajbe' latlhpu' ta'mey nIH.

potlhbe' *ARKYD*
Sov qaD
Qapla' neH.



~Michael Roney, Jr.
Professional Klingon Translator
webOS Developer

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