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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon dialogue in STID (major spoilers)

Rohan Fenwick ( [KLI Member]

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<body class='hmmessage'><div dir='ltr'><br>ghItlhpu' De'vID, jatlh:<br>&gt; A couple of us (Quvar, loghaD, Qov, and myself) tried to reconstruct<br><div>&gt; the dialogue from memory and notes taken during the movie, using the<br>&gt; English and German subtitles, and also the version of the same<br>&gt; dialogue from the English novelisation and its German translation.<br><br>Add me to this number. :) I took a notebook with me both times I saw the movie in the cinema. The speech went by too quickly for me to get a decent go at everything (anyone developed a version of Pitman Shorthand for Klingon?) but much of what I got concurs with everyone else's; there are a few places I may be able to refine things.<br><br>&gt; Klingon (announcement from Klingon scout ship):<br>&gt; bISaqQo’[taH?]chugh vaj bIHegh. DaH ma[beh]. bISuvtaH [...] bISaqQo’...<br>&gt; (untranslated, but explained by Uhura as a threat for Kirk et al's ship to land)<br><br>This was really nice Klingon, I thought. Well articulated and clearly understandable.<br><br>&gt; The ship lands, Uhura walks towards the Klingons, and she says:<br>&gt; [jIv|Dev]wI’ la[tlh|H] jIve[?].<br>&gt; English sub: Who's in charge here?<br><br>Funny - the English version I saw (Australia) had "I am here to help you" as the subtitle here. I had the Klingon as [?]wI'ra' jIH'e', which seemed to correspond (despite the fact that we have no idea if {-'e'} can appear on a pronoun-as-verb like this).<br><br>&gt; Uhura: jIyI[t|’|q].<br>&gt; English sub: I am here to help you.<br>&gt; German sub: Voller respekt. (= With respect.)<br><br>Again, I'm almost certain that the English corresponded with the German ("With respect") in the version I saw. Could one of the viewers of the English version have inadvertently missed a subtitle in their transcription?<br><br>I had this as {jIyI'} as well. It was one of Saldana's most clearly articulated word tokens. Unfortunately {yI'} doesn't correspond to anything we know. :/<br><br>&gt; Uhura: [l|r]a[tlh|ch] jI[H?]vo’ na[H?] Da[H|q] pIghvamDaq So’’eghtaH.<br>&gt; English sub: With respect, there is a terrorist hiding in these ruins.<br>&gt; German sub: In diesen Ruinen versteckt sich ein Terrorist. (= There is<br>&gt; a terrorist hiding in these ruins.)<br>&gt; (The {pIghvamDaq So’’eghtaH} part was clearly spoken. I heard the word<br>&gt; before it as {DaH}, and actually completely understood {DaH pIghvamDaq<br>&gt; So’’eghtaH} in the theatre, but it might've been {Daq}.)<br><br>Me too, and I think {DaH pIghvamDaq So''eghtaH} is right. As for the rest, I can't really help much.<br><br>&gt; Uhura: ‘ej Dochmey [wI?] [bIngDaq?] [mapegh?].<br>&gt; English sub: He has killed many of our people.<br>&gt; German sub: Er hat viele unserer Leute getötet.<br>&gt; (No idea what the Klingon is supposed to be. But from this point the<br>&gt; English and German subtitles are in sync.)<br>&gt; <br>&gt; Klingon leader: toH, Hegh Humanpu’. qatlh DISaH?<br>&gt; English sub: Why should I care about a human killing humans?<br><br>I thought this should be {qatlh jISaH} (backed up by "I" in the English sub), not {qatlh DISaH}, though of course either is grammatical.<br><br>&gt; Uhura: potlhmo’ batlh, vIqaw[=qel?]ba’.<br>&gt; English sub: Because you care about honor,<br>&gt; German sub: Weil Ihnen Ehre etwas bedeutet.<br>&gt; (The {potlhmo' batlh} part is clear.)<br><br>Given the English sub, and the fact that I had {jISaH} in the previous subtitle, I think {bI[qaw|qel]ba'} is more accurate. Still not sure what this verb root is, though.<br><br>&gt; Uhura: ‘ej cheboq[meH|neH] jIvum[’e’|meH|neH].<br>&gt; English sub: And this man has none.<br>&gt; German sub: Dieser Mann besitzt keine.<br>&gt; (I'm thinking this was {'ej cheboqmeH jIvum neH}, or something which<br>&gt; was along the lines of "I'm here to help you", but the subtitles got<br>&gt; shuffled around.)<br>&gt; <br>&gt; Uhura: QoblI’ba’ [sounds like -bang] SoH juppu’lI’ je. [sounded more like qe]<br>&gt; English sub: You and your people are in danger.<br>&gt; German sub: Sie und Ihre Leute sind in Gefahr.<br>&gt; (If you strain, you can get {QoblI'ba' SoH juppu'lI' je} out of it...<br>&gt; by assuming that Uhura mispronounces {'} by making the vowel before it<br>&gt; nasally, so it sounds almost like {ng} or {q}. But it's a bit of a<br>&gt; stretch.)<br><br>{QoblI'ba'} would be ungrammatical. I think there's something else going on here.<br><br>&gt; At this point, a fight begins, and the Klingons all shout over each<br>&gt; other and weapons fire: DaH bIHegh [= batlh maHegh?] / wo’ wItoy’ /<br>&gt; Qapla’ / Qu’vatlh [?]<br><br>Yep, all sounds pretty right. {DaH bIHegh} was definitely in there.<br><br>ST:ID is still playing until late tomorrow night here, so I might go and take one last poke at it with this transcript in hand, to see if any more can be wrung out of it.<br><br>QeS<br><br></div> 		 	   		  </div></body>
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