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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Translation help

Felix Malmenbeck (

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<div style="direction: ltr;font-family: Tahoma;color: #000000;font-size: 10pt;">In this case, only the second sentence is a command, so only it takes the yI- prefix.<br>
Also, remember that the object comes before the verb. So, if you're addressing one person (as I believe is the case because the Latin word is &quot;vis&quot;), this becomes<br>
roj DaneHchugh, yIghobrup!<br>
If addressing multiple people:<br>
roj boneHchugh, peghobrup!<br>
Another form I rather like is<br>
roj DaneHchugh, noH yIghuHchoH.<br>
&quot;If you want peace, become prepared for war.&quot;<br>
This gives both halves of the sentence a very similar form.<br>
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<b>Sent:</b> Friday, June 14, 2013 23:41<br>
<b>Subject:</b> [Tlhingan-hol] Translation help<br>
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<div><font style="background-color:transparent">I would like a second eye on this, if anyone could assist.</font></div>
<span lang="la"><strong><em>Si vis pacem, para bellum</em></strong></span></div>
<div><span lang="la">If you want peace, prepare for war</span></div>
<div><span lang="la">yIneHchugh roj, yIghoBrup.</span></div>
<div><span lang="la"></span>&nbsp;</div>
<div><span lang="la">Thoughts?</span></div>
<div><span lang="la"></span>&nbsp;</div>
<div><span lang="la">-veS joH</span></div>
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