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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Who are you?"

Steven Boozer (

Fiat Knox <> wrote:
>> When you really have to say "Who are you?" - that specific question,
>> rather than {yIngu''egh} Identify yourself! - I spotted what might be
>> a contradiction.
>> Conversational Klingon, that venerable old resource
>> (, lists {SoH 'Iv} as "Who
>> are you?" (from 11:20 on the above page) ... but TKD says the
>> following:-

The "contradiction" may have arisen due to the following line in ST6 during 
the Enterprise's unprovoked attack on Kronos One, right after the masked assassins beam aboard IIRC:

KOORD:  SoH 'Iv jay'
	  [Who the hell are you?       (untranslated)]
	  [<SoH 'Iv jay'? >                (captions)]

Perhaps it's meant to be a bit of Clipped military jargon like "Who goes there?" in English.  Possibly Koord (or more likely the actor) mis-spoke in the heat of the moment, but for whatever reason Okrand included it without comment in CK.  

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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