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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Cable, Thread, Wire, Web

Felix Malmenbeck (

I wonder if «SIrgh» might not be more appropriate. «'ul QaymeH SIrgh» for a power wire, maybe «jabbI'ID SIrgh» for data lines...

Of you're looking to translate "electrician", there is yhe canonical «'ul pat mutlhwI'» ("electricity system assembler", sort of).
Perhaps somebody who works with electrical systems but whose main task is not assembling them would be an «'ul pat jonwI'/tej/leHwI'/loHwI'/pIn».

From: Fiat Knox []
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013 23:15
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Subject: [Tlhingan-hol] Cable, Thread, Wire, Web

Wondering about how to describe the word "wire" into Klingon, I found myself thinking *baS tlhegh* /metal line/.

The word tlhegh naturally led to *tlhegh'a'* for /cable, hawser,/ *baS tlhegh'a'* for /metal cable, hawser/ and *tlheghHom* for /thread, strand./

But then I ran up against /web./

Perhaps *tlheghHom jonwI'* could be what I'm looking for?

Further: has anyone translated "silver?" I want to use the phrase "silver cord."

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