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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon from Star Trek 2009

De'vID (

>> Where did MO confirm this? The repeated apparent {qa-} on the words
>> the alien spoke are awfully suspicious, though.

> I believe it was qep'a' wa'maH SochDIch.

maj! That must be the one non-Klingon line in between Klingon lines,
then. Knowing that it's not in Klingon, I don't have to strain my ears
trying to understand what four-eyes was saying.

Also, MO confirmed in that interview that the scene had been edited so
that the lines were out of order. I noticed that too while watching.
This explains, among other things, why the first Klingon sentence
isn't a complete sentence, as the second half of it had been cut off
(you can tell because there's a visual cut).

> {vaj 'IvvaD DaHIj?}
> "Then who are you delivering it for?"
> Not entirely sure about the {HIj} there, and the {vaj} may have been a
> badly pronounced {maj}, but the {'IvvaD Da-} part is clear.

It was {maj}, and he says, {maj. 'IvvaD DaHIj?} The reason the Klingon
says {maj} is because this line originally followed the alien's
statement that he was merely keeping the plans for someone else, after
initially refusing to answer. The Klingon then insists for the alien
to "Tell us!" while the alien shakes his head, which prompts the
Klingon to continue: {vaj bIHegh 'e' DamaS, qar'a'?}

You can tell that this was the original sequence because the camera is
panning around the Klingon while he speaks, and when the scene cuts
from the Klingon to the alien and back, the pan angle is reset back to
an earlier point. (Watch it and you'll see what I mean.)

The pronunciation is surprisingly good if Okrand wasn't on set to
coach the speaker.


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