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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon from Star Trek 2009

De'vID (

> The dialogue was written by Marc Okrand; he has confirmed that mich. He also did the Vulcan and Romulan dialogue, and I believe he also confirmed that the three-eyed alien is not speaking Klingon, but some previously unheard language.

The alien actually had four eyes. :-)

Where did MO confirm this? The repeated apparent {qa-} on the words
the alien spoke are awfully suspicious, though.

> I haven't sen the script, but from memory it sounds something like this:

Memory of...? Watching the movie, or MO telling you about the lines?

> Ship scene:
> nISbogh Duj! tlhIngan wo' Daq'a'/teblaw' bo'elpu'! jonta' bochu'qa'chugh 'ej tIjwI'ghom bovanrupbe'chugh vaj reQaw'.
> So: "Disturbing vessel! You've entered the Klingon Empire's [greater area/jurisdiction]. If you re-engage engines, and if you're not prepared to salute [welcome?] a boarding party, then we will destroy you."

That's this one:

Your memory's pretty good, then. I heard:
{nISbogh Duj! tlhIngan wo' Daq'a' bo'elpu'! jonta' bochu'Ha'(?)chu'(?)
'ej tIjwI'ghom bovanrupbe'chugh vaj reQaw'.}

I'm not sure he said {Duj}, it sounded like *{Duv} to me, but it
must've been {Duj} based on the subtitle and the context.

I also heard {jonta' bochu'Ha'chu'} rather than {jonta'
bochu'qa'chugh}. The subtitle says "power down", so it has to be
{-Ha'}. I think it also has to be {-chu'} rather than {-chugh}, then,
because otherwise it's missing a {-be'}.

I think the sentence is clipped. The repeated {-be'chugh} seems to me
to have been dropped:
{jonta' bochu'Ha'chu'(be'chugh) 'ej tIjwI'ghom bovanrupbe'chugh, vaj reQaw'}

Or possibly it really is {-chugh} and {-be'} was dropped by mistake.

What do other people hear?


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