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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] ST6 transcript / subtitles

De'vID (

> In an attempt to help improve the ST6 transcript that we have, I made them
> into subtitles so that one can see each line in context. (Well, I added the
> lines to an already existing English subtitle.)
> If anyone wants to download and have I look, I'd love to be able to use any
> comments you might have to improve the transcript.

What's to improve? Don't we know every line exactly except for one flubbed line?

00:40:38,162 --> 00:40:43,148
We can take whole by force, what they propose to divide.
??? {Qo'! pe'vIl DIHIvlaH, ‹QaplaH› tlhob ‹be---HaH›}
‹QaplaH ‹pla'› pe'vIl› or: ‹Qapla' ghobe' laH'a'›

In my own subtitles for Star Trek VI, I've translated this (tentatively) as:
{qo'maj wIpollaH; pe'vIl DIbI'laHchu'.}

I suspect the {pe'vIl bI'chu'} idiom (from KGT) was invented for this
line, because we can hear {pe'vIl} clearly, and the idea matches what
was spoken.

I suppose "what they propose to divide" would be something like {Dol
luwav 'e' luchupbogh}, but I couldn't hear any of the constituent
parts in what was spoken. (But the line was flubbed really badly, so
it might sound nothing like the original anyway.)

> I put the subtitle (and a URL to a torrent for the movie file it goes with) here

The entire movie? It would be more helpful if there was a cleaned up
audio file of just that one line.


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