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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: pIH

De'vID (

> jIpIH
>   I am suspicious. KLS

> But does this mean:
> 1) "I arouse suspicion in others"
> 2) "I harbour suspicion towards others"
> I suspect the first, but do we have any firm evidence one way or the other?

> The best evidence I can suggest is the existence of the verb {nub} "be suspect", To me, that is a strong indication that {pIH} is the other meaning (your #2).

Oh, good point. I was leaning towards the former because it's defined
as a "be" verb: "be suspicious" (rather than, say, "suspect (someone)"
or "be suspicious (of)"). Based on that, I would've expected to be
able to say, *{tep pIH} "suspicious cargo".

But given the existence of both {nub} and {pIH}, I suppose I should
say: {nub tep. jIpIH.}

I also wonder if {pIH} "expect" and {pIH} "be suspicious" are related,
or even two meanings of the same verb.

Security guard #1: {nub tep. jIpIH.}
Security guard #2: {nuq DapIH?}
Security guard #1: {jorwI' ngaS 'e' vIpIH.}


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