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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] tu'lum

De'vID (

>> (tlhIngan Hol lo'lu'taHvIS chay' "coincidence" 'oSlu'?)[]

> *{quq X Y je} "X and Y coincide/happen simultaneously",

But the kind of coincidence I'm talking about isn't a co-incidence in time:
"It'd be quite the coincidence if Marc Okrand and I had visited the
same random restaurant."

We clearly didn't visit it at the same time.

> quq             happen simultaneously (v).  E.g.:
>   quqtaHvIS wanI'vam
>   at the same time (PB 139f.)
> [I don't have the complete verse from the paq'batlh.  Anybody?].

  {molor vuQlu'}
  {tu'taHmeH chalqach toS}
  {qeylISvam legh neH}
  "Molor is amused,
   He climbs a watch tower
   To see this Kahless."
  {quqtaHvIS wanI'vam}
  {raQDaq pawta'}
  {qotar qempa'QeH je}
  "At the same time
   Kotar and the Qempa'keh arrive
   At the camp."

It's on p.140-141 btw.


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