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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: qa'meH

De'vID (

>> HQ 5.1 p.10:  This is the only way to say "replacement proverb" currently,
>> but in the past, the common term was the lengthier {quvqa'meH vIttlhegh},
>> literally, "proverb for (the purpose of) being honored again".

> Note that in Klingon Monopoly, there was a verb {qa'} used in the meaning
> "replace". Until proven otherwise, I am still supposing this was a
> mis-interpretation of {qa'meH}.

A mis-interpretation by... whom? Marc Okrand? Maltz? The creators of
Klingon Monopoly?

> The verb has never been listed or used like this before.

It's true that Klingon Monopoly has a few errors.

OTOH, maybe it's an example of back-formation in Klingon. Younger
Klingons read {qa'meH} "replacement", and assumed that *{qa'} was a
verb meaning "replace". Older, more proper Klingons won't use it, but
younger Klingons have no problem with it. It's a {mu' ghoQ}.



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