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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 10

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

On 8/28/2013 1:32 PM, Robyn Stewart wrote:
romuluSngan tengchaHDaq torgh lujol 'e' luHech. tengchaH noch pat
ghunnISqa' torgh. Qu' DeltaHvIS maQ, tagha' qagh torgh. jatlh,
"Qaghlu'pu''a'? mang chu'qu' jIH. wa'Hu' mangHom neH jIH. not wo'vaD
Qu' vIta'pu’. jIH tuneHbej'a'?"

I haven't been paying attention to this, but I skimmed this one, and
noticed you're not using aspect where it's needed. Specifically:

Qu' DeltaHvIS maQ, tagha' qaghpu' torgh.

Without an aspect suffix, TKD tells us, the verb is specifically not
continuous and not completed. Torg doesn't TEND to interrupt Mac or
SOMETIMES interrupt him or HAVE A HABIT of interrupting him or just
generally THINK ABOUT interrupting him or FEEL LIKE interrupting him or
have an interrupting QUALITY about himself; Torg DOES interrupt Mac, end
of action. The interrupting being described is a completed thing.

His speech is also a thing that is done once and completed. Therefore,
{jatlh} should also have {-pu'}.

maQ qaghpu' torgh
Torg's interruption of Mac is described as completed, whether now,
earlier, or later.

maQ qaghta' torgh
Torg's interruption of Mac is described, not only as completed, but as
intentionally carried out to be completed.

maQ qaghtaH torgh
Torg's interruption is described as an ongoing thing: Mac is speaking
and Torg interrupts him over and over again.

maQ qaghlI' torgh
Torg interrupts Mac over and over again as above, but he's doing it to
achieve a specific goal

maQ qagh torgh
Torg tends to interrupt Mac from time to time, or someone is describing
the idea of Torg interrupting Mac without referring to a specific
instance of his doing so.

romuluSngan tengchaHDaq torgh luchol 'e' luHech
They intend to beam Torg to the Romulan space station, but it's only an
intention and they haven't actually done it, so the action is not a
completed one or a continuous one, and does not deserve an aspect suffix.

tengchaH noch pat ghunnISqa' torgh.
Torg needs to reprogram the station's sensor system, but this means he hasn't completed it and it's not ongoing. You're talking about his need, not his doing.


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