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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] new word list

Steven Boozer (

maSovbe'.  Mark Okrand wrote Felix Malmenbeck (8/03/2012):

  Maltz told me about a Klingon animal that's kind of 
  turtle-like called a {la'SIv}.  So maybe turtle is
  {tera' la'SIv}. 

And if Klingon {la'SIvmey} have shells:

KGT 92:  The shell of an animal ({nagh DIr}--literally, "rock skin"--not to be confused with {yub} [husk, rind, peel], the word applied to the shell of a nut, or {pel'aQ} [eggshell] is commonly separated from the animal meat, fermented, and served at another time.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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> > I just discovered a new new-word list and in it the word {la'SIv} - a
> > turtle-like animal. :)
> >
> > lay'SIv
> 'ej la'SIv Darur'a'? :-)

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