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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Star Trek Klingon - "new" vocab

Seruq (

> In particular, I've been told that {'uSu'} is said to be made from a
> plant native to Tanganika, and that one of the desserts is based on a
> South East Asian dish. The dish is called "gula melaka" and is made
> from the date palm, and in the game the Klingon dessert is alleged
> called *{melqa'} and is made from the seeds of the *{pI'lam} tree.
> (This is long before we received {pIlam naH} as "plum" from the
> TalkNow! CD.) It would be nice to get audio confirmation that the word
> spoken was indeed {'uSu'}, and a visual confirmation of whether there
> is any resemblance between the two desserts.

On disk two there is a file:  IP_1.AVI
'uSu' is mentioned at 2:57.  The *melqa' and *pI'lam is shortly after that.

I have to go to work right now.  If need be I can edit that file later.
SS_2.AVI is a video file.  I'll check that later for a picture of the desserts.

- DloraH

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