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[Tlhingan-hol] Star Trek Klingon - "new" vocab

De'vID (

Does anyone still have a working instance of the Star Trek Klingon
game and language lab? (I guess I'm really asking if anyone has a
working Windows 95/98 setup.)

I want to check some things, and the information I can find online
isn't sufficient. Specifically, I'm interested in the words spoken
during the "information points" in the holodeck adventure (i.e., the
sentences spoken, apparently by someone other than Okrand or Gowron,
when you clicked on items in the game).

In particular, I've been told that {'uSu'} is said to be made from a
plant native to Tanganika, and that one of the desserts is based on a
South East Asian dish. The dish is called "gula melaka" and is made
from the date palm, and in the game the Klingon dessert is alleged
called *{melqa'} and is made from the seeds of the *{pI'lam} tree.
(This is long before we received {pIlam naH} as "plum" from the
TalkNow! CD.) It would be nice to get audio confirmation that the word
spoken was indeed {'uSu'}, and a visual confirmation of whether there
is any resemblance between the two desserts.

There's some info here which seems to corroborate this, but I wanted
to double-check.

Based on that transcript, we seem to be still missing official
spellings of some words, like *{ghob'etlh} (a type of weapon) and
*{jebQa'} (a tapestry made from marriage robes).


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