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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: ronmoH

De'vID (

> Understandably, the writers of Klingon Monopoly interpreted "ron" in terms
> of dice. In terms of flight dynamics, where "ron" is used, it means
> something different. If an aircraft moved like a die, we wouldn't say it
> rolled, but that it tumbled.

When I roll dice, I scoop them in my hand and rotate my wrist while
releasing them. Viewing my outstretched hand as an aircraft, that is
indeed a rotation about the roll axis. What the dice do after they
leave my hand, or hit the table, is another matter, but I do in fact
{ronmoH} them. I think most people do.

On a few occasions, though, I have observed people "pitch" dice, i.e.,
{tormoH} them. You do this by first curling your elbow, and then
releasing the dice at the same time as you uncurl elbow. But I have
only witnessed this in games where the dice are intended to be thrown
far, e.g., craps.

For Monopoly, I believe that {ronmoH} is indeed the correct term for
throwing dice. Whether we can extrapolate that that's the general term
for throwing dice, I don't know.


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