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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] learnings from Saarbr?cken qepHom'a'

Agnieszka Solska ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

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&gt;&gt;&gt; I saw several new words (words new to me; they may already be known to<br>&gt;&gt;&gt; others):<br>&gt;&gt;&gt; &lt;'IvtIH&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;&gt; &lt;rajma'&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;&gt; &lt;'eQway&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;&gt; &lt;cha'neH&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt; Where did you see those? Were they written by MO? Were they printed? Or just<br>&gt;&gt; written on table among a lot of weird drawings? pay attention to those<br>&gt;&gt; latter, many of our students like to "invent" funny klingon words :-)<br>&gt; <br>&gt;I believe I saw them in a printout 'ISqu' had of useful words. (De'vID<br>&gt;may have seen them elsewhere.) I don't remember what source, if any,<br>&gt;was marked next to them, but I think they were in a small section of<br>&gt;their own, fairly close to the "newest" end of the list.<br><br>I learned them last August and promptly included them in my list of new words. <br>To the best of my knowledge they come from MO. The first one was revealed <br>to pagh, who needed it for the story he was translating for the Worlds of <br>Translation Project. I don't know whether the other words were also revealed <br>to him or to someone else. <br><br>'ISqu' <br> 		 	   		  </div></body>
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