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RE: Klingon word for "cookbooks"

Steven Boozer (

Andrà MÃller:
>What might be the best Klingon translation for "cookbooks"? My ideas
>are {vutmeH paqmey} or {vutwI' paqmey}. What do you think?
*{vutmeH paq} is exactly how I've translated it in the past, formed on the example of {DevmeH paq} "guidebook"; cf. the subtitle of TKW:

  tlhIngan tIgh: SuvwI' DevmeH paq 
  The Klingon Way: A Warrior's Guide (TKW)

And although we don't know the generic word for "cookbook", we do know the title of one:

KGT 86:  It is not possible here to give detailed accounts of how to prepare specific dishes or even to list all of the ingredients. Nor is it possible to explain and compare the cuisines of different regions and planets within the Empire. For detailed information of that kind, the best source is probably {jabmeH} by J'puq (the title means "In Order to Serve"; it is a cookbook).

I'll leave it to you to figure out the two puns in this. <g>

Canon Master of the Klingons

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