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RE: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Steven Boozer (

>Which brings up the question, if you were to speak like a Klingon pirate,
>which speech patterns would you use?
>I realize this is a highly subjective question, I'm just looking for
>everyone's opinion.

They would likely use Klingon smuggler's code.  We have one example from ST6:

  ghewmey SuqQo'!
  Don't catch any bugs! ST6

which we are told in J.M. Dillard's novelization is smuggler's code for "Good luck in avoiding border officials!"  Interestingly, it is Morskan border guard Kesla who says this to Uhura, whom he apparently took for a smuggler, after listening to her bad Klingon which he understood as an "odd, archaic dialect."

>> I would consider dropping all verb prefixes and using first- and
>> second-person pronouns whenever possible.

Coincidentally, Kesla dropped the imperative verb prefix {tI-}.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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