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RE: use of DIng

Steven Boozer (

>> Does anyone recall if we know whether {DIng} is transitive or
>> intransitive? Is the subject the thing turned or the person who 
>> turns the thing?

lay'tel SIvten:
>I couldn't find any canon for it. Since merely adding {-moH} would 
>make it the transitive version, I hope it's the intransitive meaning.
>If it's the transitive meaning already, then it's a lot harder to 
>get the intransitive meaning.

There's no canon for {Ding} "spin" - or {tlhe'} "turn" either.  Like lay'SIv, I imagine they both work like {jIr} "rotate, twirl" vs. {jIrmoH} "twirl X, cause X to rotate".  (The context in KGT p.59-60 was specifically about bat'leth movements, but I imagine {jIrmoH} can be used for other things as well.)

Canon Master of the Klingons

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