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RE: nom*i*nal*ize 2. to convert (an underlying clause) into a noun phrase

Agnieszka Solska ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']


>What's interesting about these is that these are different types of
>suffixes. From MO's description, it sounded like you couldn't use a naked
>verb plus {-ghach} because some sort of time or state was implied by {-
>ghach} that the naked verb didn't convey, so one had to use one of the
>"aspectual" suffixes, such as {-taH} or {-qa'}. But the only aspectual
>suffix in the above group is {-qa'},


>To review the types of intervening suffixes MO has used:
>Type 3 (change)
>  naDqa'ghach      "re-commendation" (TKD)
>Type 4 (cause):
>  quvmoHghach      "process of honoring" (HQ 3.3)
>Type 5 (ability):
>  lo'laHghach      "value" (TKD)
>  lo'laHbe'ghach   "worthlessness" (TKD)
>Type 7 (aspect):
>  tlhutlhtaHghach  "ongoing drinking" (HQ 3.3)
>  nobtaHghach      "ongoing giving" (HQ 3.3)
>  nobpu'ghach      "a given (a finished case of giving)" (HQ 3.3)
>  belpu'ghach      "having been pleased" (HQ 3.3)
>  naDHa'ghach      "discommendation" (TKD)
>  quvHa'ghach      "dishonor" (TKW)

There is another type 5 suffix (-lu'), indicating "that the subject is unknown, indefinite, 
and/or general" (TKD 4.2.5). 

Any ideas on whether it could be used together with {-ghach} to create nouns expressing
something like "the process or act of doing something" or "the state of being something, e.g.:

?qetlu'ghach  - "running, (the process or act of) running"
?lajlu'ghach   - "acceptance, (the process or act of) accepting"
?ghetlu'ghach  - "pretense, (the process or act of) pretending"
?jIvlu'ghach   - "ignorance, (the state of) being ignorant"
?Doghlu'ghach  - "foolishness, (the state of) being foolish"


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