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Re: Doctoral project on the Klingon language

Karolina Kazimierczak (

I didn't expect such a response to my little message and so much interest in the project.


The abstract from my old university web site describes quite well the final shape of my thesis. So you can see what it's about in the outline.


The full text of the thesis is not available online and the only place you could find it at the moment is Lancaster University Library. However, I am now working on turning few chapters into journal articles. I hope I will be able to publish them soon(-ish) - it all depends on the review process which sometimes takes ages. I also think about turning the whole thing into a book, but this will likely take some time, as I am now starting a new job and a totally new research project (sadly it is not linked to the Klingon language anymore).


Anyway I will keep you posted on anything I manage to publish.


Once again thanks for your help before and your interest now.




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