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Re: Adding grammar (was: RE: Ditransitive reflexives)

clpachucki (

Okrand puts his phone number out for anybody to look at and/or contact him.  He's on speed dial on my phone :) 
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Subject: Adding grammar  (was:  RE: Ditransitive reflexives) 

> And that actually brings me to my larger question. What 
> happens in the culture of tlhIngan Hol if there is found an 
> area of the grammar that seems problematic and/or just 
> missing and the fluent speakers have an intuition (generally 
> agreed upon) about it?? Does that become another resource? Or 
> are speakers not 'allowed' to add their own intuitions to the grammar? 

The consensus is that we do not "add" anything to the language.  But the good news is that we do 
still have contact with Okrand.  We can discuss these bits with him.  Sometimes he will, on the 
spot, confirm our intuition, and "reveal" (not add) this new bit of grammar/vocabulary.  Sometimes 
he will take the time to think about it and reveal the information at a later event/interview.  And 
sometimes we don't get any revelation, forcing us to find some way to handle it; whether recast or 
ignore it. 


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