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Re: nuqneH!

clpachucki (

Hi Jacob, 

I just learned how interesting and fun Klingon can be if I learned it so I joined too!  I don't know much but these people here help.  A lot.  Get the Klingon dictionary (only available at online retailers) and though its confusing it'll help you. 

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First off, I'd like to introduce myself, since I subscribed to this yesterday... 
I am Jacob, 19 years old, from sweden. I dont know if theres much more to say, so on to subject number two! 

I have in the past week, realized how interesting klingon really is, and decided to learn. So far, I know a few phrases (mainly the ones on 
and some basic pronuciation, though I think its far from perfect... Either way, I want to learn more, and dont really know how to proceed, so I'm asking you. 

Any tips on places of education? Or, better yet, if someone here would be willing to help me out and actually teach me. 

Nya Windows 7 g�r allt lite enklare. Hitta en dator som passar dig! 

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