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RE: RE: Klinginem? Nuq jatlh?

Steven Boozer (

>>Quvar has a website for the German group "Klenginem":
>>"The Official Klenginem Website is now finally available also in English!
>> Go see and choose your language to find out who

>You seem to keep record of EVERYTHING, don't you?  ;-)

Just the things I think might come up again.  People (beginners especially) often ask where they can find Klingon music and songs - both Paramount and fan compositions.

>Somebody has put a self-made movie on youtube with that song (and it was
>not me), just search for "Klenginem" and enjoy.
>Perhaps you also have the lyrics of that song, if not, here they are,
>taken from the website. 

qatlho'.  I'll add these comments to the "Klenginem" section in my notes -- for the next time someone asks!


Canon Master of the Klingons

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