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Re: ghotI' vIrurlaw'.

Doq (

I'd like to explain why I sometimes write in Klingon without  
translating. It's not that I'm trying to exclude people who can't  
speak Klingon. It's because there is a LOT of material on this list  
for beginners (as there should be), though there really isn't much for  
those who can actually speak the language for communication purposes.  
There's room at the table for everybody, and as you learn the grammar  
and expand your skills, you'll be able to read the Klingon stuff as it  
comes in, or even go back and read the archives.

Many will include a translation for the Klingon-impaired, but I don't  
because I know that even when I see something written in both Klingon  
and English, if I'm in a little bit of a hurry or the message gets  
dense at all in Klingon, I just skip to the English part, as I'm sure  
many others here do.

Every now and then, some portion of the messages that come through  
here should be only in Klingon, just to keep people communicating in  
Klingon, instead of just reading the English and letting the Klingon  
part fly by.

There are a lot of posts of interest only to linguists. There's room  
at the table for that, too.

The guys who are mostly interested in writing in English about Klingon  
grammar are okay. Those who want to write using Klingon are also okay.

In fact, this brings us to the two rules of this list, which haven't  
been mentioned in a while that I can recall:

Posts either need to be about the Klingon language in any language  
(English preferred, just because most of the audience here speaks  
English), or the posts need to use Klingon. There doesn't have to be  
competition between these two kinds of posts. They just both are  
welcome here.

toH, tlhIngan Hol qelbe'mo' QInvam, vIrInpa' tlhIngan vIlo'nIS pagh  
QIntetlhvam cha' chut vIbIv.

[Translation: Because this message doesn't consider the Klingon  
language, before I finish it, I must use Klingon language, or I break  
the two laws of this message list.

I remember a time when a Beginner's Grammarian would read all the  
Klingon posts and subsequently translate them for beginners. He said  
it was a great exercise for him, and it was a great service to the  
community of beginners. That way, the translation might not come until  
a few days after the original post, so the Klingon readers could just  
read it without temptation to read the English part, and the beginners  
could compare the translations with the originals in order to learn  

I wonder if we have a BG who would be interested in having one more  
thing to do...


On Oct 19, 2009, at 6:12 PM, wrote:

> That is correct.  I have been trying to translate your email for a  
> while, but my translations seem far off the mark.  I have been using  
> a dictionary to try and translate and send emails in Klingon that  
> are very likely grammatically incorrect.  Your translation of the  
> speech is greatly needed and would be appreciated.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "ghunchu'wI'" <>
> To:
> Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 12:03:50 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada  
> Eastern
> Subject: Re: ghotI' vIrurlaw'.
> On Oct 17, 2009, at 1:43 PM, wrote:
>> nugneH:
>> ngeH jIH SoQ mugh.  veS English legh mugh lugh. tlhIngan Hol
>> vljatlhlaHbe'.  tlho'
> DaH tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaHbe'mo', Qatlh ghu'.  mu'meylIj lulaDlu'
> 'ach mu'tlheghmeylIj luyajbe'lu'.  SoHvaD mamugh DaneHchugh, maHvaD
> bImughnIS.
> Your inability to speak Klingon is a problem here.  Your words seem
> clear (except for the misspelled {nuqneH}, but your sentences make no
> sense.  If you want us to translate for you, you'll have to translate
> for us first. :)
> If I pretend that I don't epeak Klingon either, I might be able to
> tease out some meaning from the first couple of sentences: "Send me
> speech translate. Warfare English see translate correct."  I'll
> assume you looked up "want" in the dictionary and missed the target,
> getting "war" instead. What you probably mean is "Translate the
> speech for me. I want to see a proper English translation." Is that
> right?
> -- ghunchu'wI' 

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