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RE: Question for KLBC - My hand hurts

Steven Boozer (

Philip Scott wrote:
>> Hello fellow linguists.How do you say something hurts.  Does it
>> work like English?
>>    *'oy' ghopwij*

> That seems to be the correct usage.

Examples of {'oy'} "ache, hurt, be sore" from canon:

I ache. KLS

Will it hurt? TKD 

loQ 'oy'DI' SuvwI' bepbe' 
A warrior does not complain about physical discomfort. 

TKW 46:  The Federation Standard word "discomfort" somewhat distorts the meaning of the Klingon, which refers to a warrior aching slightly. 

'oy'be'lu'chugh Qapbe'lu' 
No pain, no gain.  TKW

bImoH. 'oy' mInDu'wIj. 
You're ugly. My eyes ache. KGT 

'oy'qu' Qay'wI'wIj
my little toe aches a lot
(IDIOM: I'm extremely angry.) [HQ 10.2]

>> Or is it more like my hand is hurting me
>>    *mu'oy' ghopwij*
> That would be {mu'oy'moH ghopwIj}.  

{'oy'moH} "inflict (cause) pain" in canon:

SIQwI' lu'oy'moHmeH juppu'Daj 'oy'naQmey lo' chaH 
The Painstik is employed by friends of the recipient... S32

chIch vay' 'oy'moHmeH 'oy'naQ 'ul law' tlhuD 'oH 
Painstiks... emit a highly-charged shock for the express purpose of inflicting pain. S32

> However, the verb {'aw'} "sting" does work this way: 
> {mu'aw' mInDu'wIj} "my eyes sting" from Power Klingon.

Cf. also {qotlh} "tickle":

I tickle you. KLS

cheqotlhchugh maHaghbe''a' 
Tickle us, do we not laugh? TKW 

Canon Master of the Klingons

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