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RE: architectural terminology

Steven Boozer (

>when I talked to Marc Okrand about the qepHom past weekend, I told him
>that it was difficult to describe my job as an architect in Klingon.

You're right, there aren't many good words.  A couple you may find useful are found on the BOP Poster:
  tlhIngan toQDuj Duj De' potlh
  Klingon Bird of Prey General Specifications

  Duj De' potlh
  General [ship] Specifications

suggesting *{qach De' potlh} "general building specifications"?

  lu'oghta' nIylo roDIS bIl jo'rIj je
  Designed By: Nilo Rodis & Bill George

Note the Poster was designed {'ogh} ("invent, devise"), not drawn (for which we still don't have a good word other than {ghItlh} "engrave, incise, mark, write").  So that might make you a *{qach 'oghwI'} "building designer" or architect?

  tlhIngan toQDuj 'ay'mey tetlh
  Klingon Bird of Prey Technical Callouts

{'ay'mey tetlh} ("parts list"?) could also be used for any labeled list of elements/components/features.  We know {'ay'} can refer to a section of a ship:

  'ay'vamDaq nuHmey tIQeq 
  Target weapons on this location. (ENT "Affliction")

so why not buildings?

>I did see him [Maltz] earlier today as he was running off to grab a cup
>of coffee or something.   I told him about the lack of good words
>relating to architecture.  He said he wasn't an architect himself, so
>he'd have to think about that. But he did know the word for "plan" (the
>big piece of paper).  He said it's pu'jIn -- same as the word for "map."
>email from Marc Okrand, on November 20, 2009

As an ex-Navy man, I would call {pu'jIn} a "chart".

Canon Master of the Klingons

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