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Re: "The Man Who Taught His Kid Klingon"

Fiat Knox (

Oh, those sample phrases in the Sun article are abysmal, like a tlhIngan Hol version of the Hungarian Phrasebook Monty Python sketch.

--- On Sat, 21/11/09, Tracy Canfield <> wrote:

> From: Tracy Canfield <>
> Subject: Re: "The Man Who Taught His Kid Klingon"
> To:
> Date: Saturday, 21 November, 2009, 3:37
> The British tabloid The Sun just
> picked it up:


> It's just a repackage of news available elsewhere. 
> There is an
> entertainingly UK-flavored vocabulary sidebar, though.

> 2009/11/19 Fiat Knox <>:
> > It looks as if the story of D'Armand Speers'
> experiment has emerged back into journalistic circulation
> again. Rather than discuss the iPhone tlhIngan Hol app whose
> development he is assisting, the journalists have chosen to
> focus on "The man who taught his child nothing but Klingon
> for the first three years of its life."

> > It's getting so that people from all over my contact
> list have begun emailing me with the link to the article:

> > SaQta' qeylIS.


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